At first, I wasn’t even sure what it meant to consolidate my student loans or why I might be interested in this. I decided it would be the best thing for me to do since it is possible to lock in lower percentages rates although I had no idea where to begin.

Online Student Loans Guide staff walked me through me the process. They were so polite and professional. It was obvious that the staff held a great deal of knowledge about his consolidating student loans.

It is kind of ironic, but once we began the process of consolidating my student loans, I was bombarded with even more offers for consolidation from other sources. Good thing, I stuck with them although I even considered backing out of the consolidation that we have already initiated with Online Student Loans Guide. They really took good care of me.

The various types of student loan consolidation and why they may be of benefit based on my total amount of indebtedness was fully explained to me by It soon became apparent that I probably will not be making a significant income from an entry level job right after graduation so thanks off to cutting the monthly payments to a more affordable rate.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly, but the state of the economy and the recession made it difficult for me to find my first job. I was able to qualify for a forbearance when, after the grace period had passed and due to the current recession, I was still unable to secure full-time employment.

I studied hard for years to work in an industry that is now laying people off left and right. My industry is overwhelmed with people weighted down with plenty of student loan debt.

With the help of Online Student Loans Guide web site in guiding me through the student loan maze (and the student loan consolidation maze), I share how fantastic it was to others anytime I am able to do so.

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