Consider the perks of a distance learning education: keep working and getting paid, forget a class attendance schedule, and have the flexibility of studying whenever convenient. In fact, students striving for an online degree seem to have the best of both worlds.

However, amidst these perks, distance learning requires a lot of discipline and motivation from students. When we are juggling between a job and studies, it is very easy to lose track of our priorities and fail to keep up to mark. Moreover, distance learning students do not have the advantage of getting their learning drive renewed whenever they interact with lecturers or peers in classes.

So, how can a distance learner overcome the challenges of shuffling work, school, and family? Creating and sticking to a schedule is the only way to survive and succeed. The trick is to apportion a 24 hour day to include enough time for the family, work, and school responsibilities. Thus, it is very important to let the family in on the plan, and when you should not be disturbed. Again, do not give into the temptation to deviate from the plan.

Getting yourself motivated is also essential towards distance learning education success. One of the ways to do this is to stay in contact with your classmates. With the internet today, it is often easy to stay in touch through email, instant messenger as well as internet phone. Discussing projects or assignments with your teammates will help you stay on track and keeps you and your teammates accountable for one another.

In addition to peer contact, rewarding personal education goals is an excellent way to stay motivated and succeed in obtaining a distance learning education. Write particular course milestones on a calendar, and then celebrate the achievement. For example, after turning in a major paper, do something nice for yourself. Then, cross out each accomplishment. With a sense of personal satisfaction, it will keep you motivated to face the next educational hurdle.

Finally, make sure to have a quiet, undisturbed place to study. It is extremely easy to be distracted by the television, a ringing phone, or normal family activities in the household. If necessary, lock yourself in a quiet room equipped with a comfortable chair, a good desk or table, and ample space to create a productive learning environment.

Distance learning education is an excellent way to improve job opportunities and acquire a desired degree. However, success depends on the individual. With hard work, determination and the discipline to stay on track and maintain good study habits, academic excellence is within sight, without relocating and sacrificing job and family.

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