Consolidating one or more of your federal student loans is possible using a direct loan consolidation. Doing this offers several benefits for both former and current students. As an alternative to monitoring several loan repayments, it much simpler to manage the debt for individuals with just one lender and a one once a month bill to be paid. Under this government loan consolidation method, individuals will be financed by way of the US Department of Education who would be the lender for all their federal loan consolidations.

The direct loan servicing center should be contacted by former and current students as they can give individuals different choices and methods of repayment. Different borrowers have diverse needs and the center can work to give you many options for your repayment. Also its often possible for students to change their payment plan whenever needed.

A huge bonus of the direct loan consolidation is that no minimum amount is required to participate in this government program. Best of all though is that the new loan is offered free with no new fees. Deferment can often be renewed with this new loan which is a big advantage to students. Even if you have used different deferment options in the past there are many new possibilities with this new loan. Borrowers with unsettled balances with their current loan program may have more options with this plan.

What borrowers are often most happy with is the large drop in the monthly payment afforded by the direct loan consolidation. The stress relief offered to a borrower’s bank account can be immense by this loan program. When you combine the previous loan payments together they often far exceed the one payment plan that the direct loan provides.

Borrowers who prefer to combine their student loans in the direct consolidation loan’s subsidy proportion are eligible to retain features offered from the subsidy. These are a few of the most significant advantages of a direct consolidation loan.

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