Scholarships for Nursing Students

Nursing is one of the fastest growing industries in the country as advanced technology and an aging population has created a huge demand for nurses, and in an effort to attract more qualified nurses to the field, scholarships for nursing students are plentiful. Scholarships for nursing students may be generalized or specific in order to attract minority students or those interested in a specialized field. No matter what, you should be able to find multiple nursing scholarships that match your needs.

Undergraduate Nursing Scholarships

Graduate Nursing Scholarships

Undergraduate nursing scholarships are available from a variety of sources, and will likely continue to increase for as long as the nursing shortage is existent. These scholarships may come from a specific school, private organization, and even the federal government. Each type of scholarship has it’s own unique qualifications and application process so it’s important to read the application instructions carefully before submitting the document. While it is not a hard and fast rule, small awards typically have less paperwork to submit while the high-dollar awards often require more work. Remember that you may be applying for thousands of dollars so it’s important to take your time and do the best you can to make sure your application stands out among the hundreds of others the scholarship committee has received.

Graduate nursing scholarships are very similar to undergraduate nursing scholarships in that there’s a large number of scholarships available. As there are generally fewer graduate nursing students than undergraduate nursing students, it may be easier to get graduate nursing scholarships.

Johnson and Johnson Nursing Scholarship

The importance of nurses has caused many private companies to offer incentives to nursing students. These programs began well before the current nursing shortage; however, the increased demand for nurses has led these companies to begin additional programs to attract and retain nursing students. One such opportunity is the Johnson and Johnson Nursing Scholarship which has many different opportunities offered by Johnson and Johnson. The company has partnered with several schools across the country to offer educational prospects crucial to nurses and specialized programs from management courses to school nurse programs. Since the nursing shortage, Johnson and Johnson has also started an awareness campaign which includes many scholarships for nurses.

Tylenol Nursing Scholarship

The Tylenol Nursing Scholarship, much like awards from Johnson and Johnson, offers money to nursing students. Qualified applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate nursing program at an approved 2 year or 4 year school and have shown leadership skills within their community. The dollar amount varies depending on the particular award. If you are interested in applying for the Tylenol Nursing Scholarship, visit the organization’s website for specific details and application forms. Be sure to read the directions carefully as many award committees will discard any submissions that do not adhere to the application process even if the student is very well qualified for the award.

Air Force Nursing scholarship

The Air Force nursing scholarship is a unique scholarship because it is awarded on a non-competitive basis. This means that if you meet the requirements for the scholarship, you get the money for college. Some of the criteria for the Air Force nursing scholarship is passing the Air Force Qualifying and Physical Fitness Tests, being a U.S. Citizen by the time the award is activated, and have at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average. Additionally, you must be a sophomore or junior enrolled in a nursing program at a qualified university.

While your high school or college adviser may help you get in touch with the right people, you must visit an Air Force detachment office to actually apply for the Air Force nursing scholarship. Not only will they give you all the appropriate paperwork, but the officer will set up important appointments such as a time for the physical fitness test.

HRSA Nursing Scholarship

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) nursing scholarship offers a full-tuition scholarship in addition to money for living expenses in exchange for working in hard-to-staff hospitals and clinics following graduation. Typically, recipients must work at least 2 years in these locations, but are free to negotiate their salary directly with the employer. Preference is given to nursing students with the highest financial need, but many awards are given out annually. For example, in 2010, over 450 HRSA nursing scholarships were awarded.

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