President Obama’s Recovery Act in 2009, wasn’t only focused on jobs. The Commander in Chief realized one of the best ways to improve a citizen’s income is to advance the person’s education. As such, a major part of the Act, $225 billion of it, is dedicated to contracts, grants and loans, including college loans, and $500 million of that will have a direct impact on online colleges.

One of the more inspiring things the President has said is his acknowledgement that: “All along that education pipeline, too many people”, he said in a speech last year, “are slipping through the cracks. It’s not only heartbreaking for those students; it’s a loss for our economy and our country”. If you need more information about college grants, look on the internet.

He is particularly concerned that only 29% of Americans have a college degree, where many other industrialized nations have more like 40%. Another statistic is only about 40% of Americans who start school actually complete their studies to become a college graduate. The rising costs of education, approximately eight percent per year, means many who start will not be able to finish as costs outpace their abilities to finance.

For example, in his first year of office alone, the President dedicated $500 million to have community colleges develop new online education programs. From there, he wants to have these courses available to all students who can get online, from their desktop to the new Amazon Kindle. Actually, what’s truly amazing is he wants to see 20-25 new government-approved courses available per year.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Board of Education estimates an online degree costs a little under 40% less than going to on-campus courses. USA Today reported last year that going on campus for a 4-year degree is $150,000, while the cost is $65,000 for a Bachelors degree at an online university. There is an abundance of information about scholarships online on the web.

These days one can get an online degree in nearly every subject, from vocational trade certificates to Masters. Many online academies offer classes as comprehensive as the top schools throughout the world. Many are actually created and offered by these same top schools. It’s no surprise the President is a fan of online education. Students get the same education online and attending this way allows more students to participate as they are able to work and attend classes at the same time.

Going online has other cost-saving benefits, too. They can include cutting commute time, possible baby sitter fees for working parents, and the wear and tear constant commuting does on vehicles, among others. Another incredible value is a student can take the course at a time that’s more convenient to his other needs, not when the course is offered on campus. This can also be of value to working parents, who need to be at home as much as possible for their children.

College loans for students are a means to help get your education on track. Researching scholarships and grants for online school will provide you with information for your individual situation. More education means more choices – appreciated at every level.

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